Les Drôlipathes: personnages végétaux

An experience to be shared

la Chaudronnette de Marie - Marie Meige a Baume-les-Messieurs F 39
The Drôlipathe’s workshop
It is with great pleasure that we try to extend this exploration of nature and expression through the animation of workshops in schools, recreation centers or other structures. Thus, by gathering upstream and guided by a pick list, participants become familiar with the generosity of nature. The path of imagination then begins and is amplified by the sorting and installation of the workshop. There, everything is possible, everything is accessible. A work of assembly adapted to the different dexterities allows everyone to easily be satisfied with his work and to express what it seems to him through the stagings.

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During a workshop, a 6-year-old child had made a character sitting in front of a barrier. I ask him the reason for the latter, and he replies:
“It’s so that he can look away …”