Les Drôlipathes: personnages végétaux

Another look

la Chaudronnette de Marie - Marie Meige a Baume-les-Messieurs F 39

From literary tisanery to the thematic exhibition

The Drôlipathes inhabit, on some occasions, a space dedicated to nature where they are given the opportunity to share their experiences by bordering the themes that are dear to them.
A tisane bar offers the opportunity to taste the wild flavors (plants from our pickings or from those of local producers) and to consult a library of about a hundred books specialized on the plant world (food, health, crafts, history , Religion, garden …).

Oral transmission takes a primordial place here. A lot of knowledge is lost every day with the departure of our elders, so it seems important to grasp every moment.

The project is in the process of being transformed, for all information contact us.