Les Drôlipathes: personnages végétaux

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la Chaudronnette de Marie - Marie Meige a Baume-les-Messieurs F 39

    People who come with us from near or far

    Dominique Gentas * Agri-sculptor
    Actively participates in the collection of plants through the woods and his garden of poetry.
    Makes numerous supports for the staging: wooden rings, barked exhibition trees, arbor of living room, furniture for the mobile tisanerie.
    We accompany daily in the course of a coherent adventure and natural sense.
    Jenny Calinon * Graphic Workshop Rouge Poisson
    Work on the conception of the graphic charter of Drôlipathes.

Albert Meige * Photographer
Thanks to his artist’s eye were born the first postcards.
Chantal Meige * Painter & Praticienne de Shiatsu
His paw of painter and magician carries much more than the work realized together.
Hélène Le Roux * Puppeteer & painter
Nous accompagne dans la réalisation de la marionnette.
Adrien Meneau * Sculptor on wood
Manufactured the traveling tisanerie of Drôlipathes.
Marie-Laure Guerry * Otour des plantes: Craftsman of natural cosmetics
Several times shared her know-how in the Drôlipathes tisanerie.
Became expert in drilling coffee beans for the frock coat of the puppet.
Johann Cortinovis * Photographer
Made the photos for the online shop.