Les Drôlipathes: personnages végétaux

The workshop

la Chaudronnette de Marie - Marie Meige a Baume-les-Messieurs F 39
From the forest to the garden and from cooking to traveling, nature invites us to turn its pages …
Wonder is the first word that comes to mind in front of nature: an inexhaustible source of beauty and intelligences. Everything begins in the woods, the fields, the garden, the kitchen … Once collected, dried and sorted, these precious plant elements are assembled with nettle thread participating in the creation of a small people of joy: the Drôlipathes . A universe where fragility and attention, strength and obstinacy blend. The artisanal production of these scenes was born from a self-taught learning, combining traditional knowledge and personal research.

A big thank you to all the people who think of them and bring us seeds.

The workshop is a member of the Crafts of Burgundy Franche Comté.